Coming Webinar: Clayoo for Grasshopper

Parametric Engine inside Clayoo

Here it is the first Clayoo Components for Grasshopper! A New World to discover!

What's Grasshopper?

For designers who are exploring new shapes using generative algorithms,Grasshopper® is a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino’s 3-D modeling tools. Unlike RhinoScript, Grasshopper requires no knowledge of programming or scripting, but still allows designers to build form generators from the simple to the awe-inspiring. And now, for CLAYOO TOO!

Join our Live Webinar and discover the new Clayoo components for Grasshopper!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
5:00pm – 5:30pm CET

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New Release Candidate

New improvements and integration for Grasshopper already available on your TDM Solutions account.

How to download:
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*Only available for Clayoo 2 Licensed Users.