What other jewelry designers say about RhinoGold

RhinoGold took us to a next higher level, fast leaving behind our competition. But having RG doesn’t make you right away a jewellery designer… with our 30 years of experience ‘behind the bench’ and combined with this newest technology, our products became perfect precise. This powerful program gives me challenge each day i use.The more I use, the more I know and I discover each time more new things i can do with. Now with coming out a new Clayoo things will be getting even more interesting!! I use RG everyday, from simple wedding bands to very complicated cocktail rings, i’m able to satisfy our most demanding clientele… RhinoGold – a big THANK YOU!

Marzena from VON BESSER JEWELLERY | Canada
Jewelry Retailer, 3D and RP Services

I am always trying to transport an emotion in my jewellery pieces that makes people happy! RhinoGold gave me the opportunity to transfer my ideas straight from an initial thought to CAD! I am looking forward to see an even more greater variety in designs on one side and a cost efficient approach on the other side in the CAD/CAM sector for jewellery in the future.

Input Output e.U. by Rüdiger Leopold | Austria
Jewelry CAD construction service & RhinoGold Training site.

Design Jewelry meant for mass production. Jewelry + Design + Emotion + Engineering. The RhinoGold has been fundamental for my design achievements. It has a huge library and lots of useful presets that are 100% compatible with production specifications. So it can be applied to concept and also production design.

D.I. Nahum Navarro | Mexico
Jewelry Retailed, 3D and Rapid Prototyping Services

Updated Classic High Jewellery. How RhinoGold has improved your design? Be able to see my piece done in real time changed my way of working.

Jacinto Roca from Diamantisimo.com| Spain
Jewelry Retailer, On-line Sales

We always looked for a possibility to make our ideas visible to our customers. Building our ideas in 3D and make them visible, brought our design to a whole new level. The ability to show the product in a photorealistic picture, before the Jewelry is even produced, made our customers very happy!

Frank Uhren & Schmuck | Austria
Jewelry Retailer, 3D and RP prototyping services and 3D Animation and Rendering services

Having used Rhino in the past, the addition of RhinoGold has allowed me to visualize my ideas much quicker. Gem tools, Cutters, Pave tools etc. are just so much easier than attempting them in Rhino alone. Having these tools allows me to focus more on the creative aspects of jewelry design. RhinoGold is definitely at the top of the list.

CBH Jewelry |USA
Custom Jewelry Designer

RhinoGold has significantly reduced both the time and the cost to produce jewelry. There are just so many benefits to making a prototype out of RhinoGold and a 3d Printer compared to making one of out wax.

Leo Salinas | USA
We specialize in bridal, anniversary and fashion rings, including men's signet rings.

RhinoGold is so simple to learn, it gave me tools that create elements of designing I never thought possible. Rendering results are amazing. I love the Manufacturing feature that helps ready your model for 3d Printing, I am still learning all there is to know with RhinoGold, its simply amazing. RhinoGold Team are simply amazing to work with, they not only helped me to obtain my software, working with my budget, literally every step of the way, TDM Solutions is superior!

I Design | USA
Simple designs inspired by nature

Using RhinoGold has improved jewelry modeling significantly. TDM solutions has definitely modeled the interface of the program with a jeweler in mind. RhinoGold also offers real time rendering while you model which is helpful when visualizing what the final piece will look like.

Samantha Gratz | USA
Our world is in a state of constant flux, and the future of it's inhabitants are uncertain. I've developed mutant-inspired wearable objects whose forms are developed based on how conceptual creatures would form around the body. Sensations from various materials act as a reminder of the creatures presence on the wearer.

RhinoGold saved me a lot of time in making basic elements like ring shanks, which leaves me more time for attention to details of my design.
Its the ability to use the tools to do a quick build of the piece as a concept design, testing details like how the pave looks and the metal weight of the piece, and with a tested concept in place, do the actual build.

Annie Koenig | USA
Jewelry designs that are elegant and graceful, with fluid sensuous shapes and refined textures playing off each other.

Almost all jewelry and Design Engineering are drawn and presented with RhinoGold.

Max Juwelier & Edelsmederij | Netherlands
Shop for consumers, we sell handmade jewelry but also many well-known brands of jewelry.

RhinoGold is the best!

XTRAS - Pichi | Spain
Ethnic, Tribal, Celtic and Surfer

RhinoGold enables me to work symmetrical and as thin and even as possible within material-guidelines. Being able to separate parts for precise assembly after casting and polishing is also a big plus. With RhinoGold I can bring back te look of past handicraft in combination with the wearability of today.

Atelier Krull | Netherlands
My jewelry is based on ornaments from the past. My main inspirations are architecture, costume history and handicraft. Contemporary technique meets historical heritage. Romantic feminine wearable jewelry. Unique pieces and small exclusive series, in gold, silver and with gems.

With RhinoGold I can import the opals 1:1 and use the picture as a base of my settings.

Manfred Weinz Opal-Schmuckhaus | Germany
Using only Australian opals every piece is different for there are no two opals alike. All my jewellery are unique pieces. Some are kept in a simple style and others more opulent.

Para nosotros, RhinoGold es una herramienta indispensable para nuestra producción, mejorando la calidad de nuestros productos y ayudándonos a desarrollar nuestros diseños de joyas.For us, RhinoGold is an indispensable tool for our production, improve the quality of our products and help us develop our jewelry designs.

FCJoyeros | Spain
FCJoyeros es un espacio dedicado a la Creación de joyas . Diseñamos y creamos joyas para nuestra marca, FCJoyeros , y para otras empresas del sector de la joyería.

RhinoGold has improved my workflow and taken the guessing out of design work. With the available components and stones, I can concentrate on what’s most important; form and functionality.

Annamari Mikkola | USA
Unique custom jewelry and jewelry lines. CAD modeling and prototypes.3D printed organic and geometric forms as pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings.

RhinoGold helped my design to get more dimensional.

Unique but wearable.

Saving a lot of time in work and presentation of designs made a lot easier.

Backers & Zoon B.V. | Netherlands
Specialist in rings with coat of arms. All kind of jewelry.

RhinoGold makes the design process more fluent.

Sean Kenna | Ireland
Diamond Jewellery

I often work with my clients beside me in my store so to be able to produce stone settings and Celtic weave patterns with a few keystrokes is a great time saver.

Julian Chatt | United Kingdom
I have progressed form traditional ring and pendant designs to pieces which are more like tiny pieces of sculpture

Being able to see results before manufactoring Dear TDM team, please stay as you are. never had an experience with perfect and friendly support like your’s!! thank you !

Rainer Unruh | Germany
Handmade unique jewelry. Each piece with high symbolic character for it's owner.

Handy and organized with good support.

Mohan | Netherlands
Jewelry made by Mohan is the kind of jewelry that stays with you forever. Mohan’s designs never lose their charm.

It is not elegant to say, but in my case, making jewelry production got much cheaper and faster than before.

Nifini | Japan
Nifini started to work for original individual pieces of jewelry for Kimono (Japanese traditional silk dress). Traditionally, we specialize in high grade and high value jewelry.

* makes it easier to estimate weight of a model
* makes it easier to do some of the repetitive functions, such as millgrain or rope
* some functions that are not available in Rhino but are very useful: e.g. move object to center, estimate weight, etc.

Volund Jewelry | Canada
Precious metal objects, inspired by designs from ancient Scandinavia and Scythia, and created by Nick Koss in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

RhinoGold has given me the capacity to develop designs I could only dream about developing in the past.

P Emil Design | USA
Traditional or contemporary, a preference for utilizing CAD's innate ability to incorporate 3D elements. Trade work.

Speed of presentation potential designs for customers.

Michael Smyth | Australia
Traditional or contemporary, a preference for utilizing CAD's innate ability to incorporate 3D elements. Trade work.

RhinoGold nos ajuda em quase tudo!

Francisco Perpetuo Leonel | Brazil
Todas , Muito Elaboras

RhinoGold has given me the opportunity to learn something completely new. Allowing me to use all the experience I have learnt over 30 years at the bench and translating that into digital format, providing a more competitive edge to our business. Productivity is up, more than ever before.

Wildtrout Designer Jewellers | Australia
We have been providing jewellery services to the local community since 2000. With a combined jewellery making experience of over 70 years, our team take great pride in making and repairing quality jewellery to lasting standards.

New possibilities of designs, not possible to achieve with the old way of making jewelry. Just impossible to go back!

A.Friszman | Brazil
Limited jewel editions of exclusive designs.

Es una herramienta indiscutible en el uso del día a día, se amalgama perfectamente con la elaboración artesanal, mejorando excelentemente la confección de piezas antes impensadas para el joyero tradicional. En esta nueva era es fundamental estar a la altura de las circunstancias globales en la industria de la joyería y RhinoGold cumple con todas estas prestaciones.

Zefire | Argentina
Zefire es una marca dedicada a los anillos de compromiso y bodas, ademas de colecciones privadas presentadas esporadicamente de la mano de su diseñador Pablo A. Cañete

Have been using RhinoGold for 7 or 8 years. Can do almost anything I want in the program. The people who developed RhinoGold have kept improving the program over the years. I would like to say one thing.
They have helped me several times when I had problems, and they are the best. I have told many people that if they want to get into Cad work, Go with RhinoGold. I can’t say enough about their product and their support. “Rafa” has been great as well as the rest of their staff. Really nice people.

Wilsons| USA
We sell wax patterns. We have been doing if for 45 years.

RhinoGold has an extensive set of videos, exercises and an excellent and friendly support team which makes learning RhinoGold a pleasure.

Systemwise| Netherlands
With RhinoGold I want to express myself through my hobby of producing noble rings. The rings are produced using the best breed of machines and based on the best pro-gold alloys.

Much faster, and completely! RhinoGold is much comprehensive software and fill all features of 3D designer needs.

Fazal Abbas Kazmi | Pakistan
Gold and Gems, Gold Casting Laboratory

RhinoGold has helped me to speed up the production process and save the costs of complex jewelry

Rocchi Srl | Italy
Hand-made, cad-made design and Traditional jewelry .

RhinoGold es una herramienta perfecta para el desarrollo de nuevas tecnicas

Igalsajoya | Spain
Artesanales con estilo muy actual

Has made my job easier and faster.

GM Jewellery Design | Estonia
Main materials are gold, damaskus steel, gem stones. Wedding and engagement rings, custom orders. CNC and 3D printing.

RhinoGold is perfect software for Jewelry design:
UI is clean and Grouping command in tab that easy to use / Command for Jewelry is enough for create any Jewelry design / Add some plug in for free like Rhinoemboss and Clayoo / Price is not too expensive. and fair.

Group10 School of Jewelry | Thailand
We are School for Jewelry design by hand drawing and design by computer .The software that we use for training is RhinoGold

RhinoGold has given us a solution to tackle even the most challenging custom designs, and an ability to communicate clearly with our clients.
Their support team is unlike any other piece of software I use: consistently releasing updates on an already great program and always responsive!

Ken & Dana Design | USA
Established in 2000, we are a small family of designers from New York City specializing in creating sculptural engagement rings and wedding bands with an emphasis on symbolism and fine craftsmanship.