6.6.18134.16.6.18059.2 / 6.5.18059.16.5.17335.16.5.17304.26.5.17237.26.5.17209. /
Update Notes
RhinoGold 6.6.18134.1 (May 14, 2018)
  • Gems recognition added to the public build
Help Updates
  • Jali: help updated.
Bugs Fixed:
  • Ring by Object
  • Gem cut selector: Images displayed with the correct aspect ratio.
  • Advanced Split shank: Geometry generation improvements.
  • Advanced Split shank: Crash fixed when we change bottom profiles.
  • Gems by curve: Now is not duplicating the initial gem on closed curves.
  • Gems by curve: The distance between gems bug fixed after justifying option unchecked.
  • Gem Cutters: Geometry generation improvements, more reliable and light output.
  • Dynamic profile rounded caps now are generated in the correct direction.
  • Tech Report: Pdf generation in the wrong route.
  • Tech Report: Gems map color when printing.
  • Ring by text removed from UI.
  • Resize ring malfunction in some models fixed.
  • Ring Size is not working if you try to change the size using the diameter input.
  • RhinoGold command panel not shown in first command bug fixed.
  • Cathedral and Split shank edition are changing the profiles to the default ones.
  • KeyFrame not displayed when the time is set to 0.
  • Jali All references to Dynamic Pattern changed to Jali.
  • Prong Editor Performance issues fixed on an edition.
  • Animation Studio no file rename after running the command.
  • Pull-push geometry generation more reliable.
  • Organize tool result centered to world.
  • German wrong localization for Migrate command fixed.
  • Parametric isocurve random behavior fixed.
  • CathedralRing with central gem preselection was not working.
  • The dynamic twist is not deleting the input.
  • Dynamic polar array crashing in random cases.
  • Halo gumballs and central gems errors editing and existing halo.
  • Pave automatic is not working when we try to add prongs in pave edition.
  • Cutters inline edition was not working with through gems cutter.
  • Pendant by curve elements not added to the document.
  • Azure cutters: Invalid cutter generation fixed.
  • Azure cutters: Removed intermediate curves added to the document.
  • Eternity ring: Bug fixed in prong placement when the gems are not filling all the ring.
  • Eternity ring: Gems duplicated after edition.
  • Eternity ring: End prongs cut with ring size was incorrect.
RhinoGold 6.6.18059.2 / 6.5.18059.1 (March 2, 2018)
  • RhinoGold adapted to the new brand Rhino 6.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • New desktop app to centralize all the RhinoGold environment.
  • New rendering machine Cycles.
  • New Hinge methodology.
  • New resize ring methodology.
  • Dynamic Pattern renamed to Jali.
  • Jali output in meshes and surfaces.
  • RhinoGold Tour.
  • RingByObject, Auto deletes coplanar faces.
  • Organize3D, Center option after nesting.
  • Reset Template, New command.
  • GemCreator, numeric steps from 0.3 to 0.1.
  • Tech Report, Screen button to static viewport location.
  • Dynamic Profile, double-click to unselect profile reset profiles offsets, Fixed.
  • GemsByCurve, Avoid adding gems out of the curve.
  • Eternity Ring, long prongs bug fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • New desktop app to centralize all the RhinoGold environment.
  • New Hinge methodology.
  • Dynamic Pattern renamed to Jali.
  • Jali output in meshes and surfaces.
  • RhinoGold Tour.
  • RingByObject, Auto deletes coplanar faces.
  • Organize3D, Center option after nesting.
  • Reset Template, New command.
  • GemCreator, numeric steps from 0.3 to 0.1.
  • Tech Report, Screen button to static viewport location.
  • Dynamic Profile, double-click to unselect profile reset profiles offsets, Fixed.
  • GemsByCurve, Avoid adding gems out of the curve.
  • Eternity Ring, geometry bug fixed.
RhinoGold 6.5.17335.1 (December 5, 2017)
Signet Ring Advanced
  • Fixed open Geometry
  • Some designs are not generating geometry
  • Crash fixing
  • Selecting parts in viewports move to the right tab
  • Lock profiles bug fix
  • Pull & push with offset bug fix
  • Profiles Lock splitted in bottom/sides
  • Added button in Rhino UI
  • Added scrollbar for low res screens
  • Localization fixes
  • Default profiles modified
  • Fixed elements with Heads which duplicate the gems
  • Some shanks with cutters don't work, fixed
Dynamic Taper
  • Bug fix canceling the command during the axis selection
Dynamic Bend
  • Bug fix canceling the command during the axis selection
  • Removed adding points when moving the gumba
Ring Wizard
  • Editing a ring when profile doesn't exist loses this first profile, now it adds it to the library
  • Set the first profile selecting when creating
Animation Studio
  • Added scrollbar
Prongs In Line
  • Added scrollbar
Geometry selector
  • Blurry profiles on start the command, Fixed
Flow By Curve
  • Add result to current layer
Cutters In Line
  • Automatic set transversal cutter to the right height position
  • Added gumball to move up and down
  • Missing scroll up and down
  • Editing a shank with gems and deleting the gems inside the commands it keeps the gems clicking Ok. Fixed
  • Editing prongs a second time, make disappear the prongs
Dynamic Twist
  • Running with preselected object shows the panel wide
Gems By Curve
  • Moving gems by it's normal and selecting a surface to orient gets the closest point to new locations, changed to closest original point normal
  • Curve preview too small in preselection, fixed
Resize Ring
  • Added scrollbar
Dynamic Profile
  • Curve preview too small in preselection, fixed
User Folder Manager Patterns
  • The first pattern is never added to doc on double click, fixed
Dynamic Pattern
  • 147 new patterns added
RhinoGold 6.5.17304.2 (October 31, 2017)
Fixed Crashes in commands
  • New Advanced Signet Ring Tool
  • Dynamic Tiling - Not possible to select ring walls, Preselection makes don't load UI correctly
  • Cathedral/Split - Angle Increments set to 0.1
  • Shank - The ring is not hidden when editing
  • Gems by curve - Bug rotating gem and setting gem z offset
  • Shank Edition - Crash using or editing objects with prongs
  • RhinoGold update installer - uninstall Rg in silent mode when updating
  • KeyFrame - bug recording video on rendered mode
  • Gem's Total height - Z Pavillion + Z Girdle + Z Crown was not Total Z
  • Animation Studio - Not load Environments
  • Gems precision - GemsMap&GemStudio Precision to 0.01
  • Halo Crash selecting some curves, Initial gems values are not set.
  • Tech report - Gems map colors are always gray
  • Cutter Studio - Some cutters are Z inverted
  • Gems By Curve - Add gems to active layer
  • Added 3D PLUS Plus-1 and 3D PLUS Plus-4 3D printers.
  • Hinge - Help not working
  • Prong Studio - Initial values Gem Sinside and prong count are 0 selecting an element
  • Head Studio - Initial values are 0 selecting an element
  • Ring By Text - Wrong UI
  • Ring Wizard - Initial Profile selected
  • Chinese localization - JPG Filter not working
  • Symmetry - Editing the original (any ring) mirrored is reversed in edition.
  • Prongs In Line - Added individual prong diameters
  • Pave - Crash adding prongs.
  • Basket Crash with invalid values.
  • Cutters In line - Transversal cutter crashes setting values to UI
RhinoGold 6.5.17237.2 (August 28, 2017)
Fixed Crashes in commands
  • Bend For Rings
  • Basket
  • Head Studio
  • CuttersInLine
  • Gem Object
  • Chain
  • Shank
  • Bezel Studio
  • Bail
  • Cathedral
  • Gems By Curve
  • Pave Automatic
  • Boolean Dynamic
  • Text On Curve
  • Dynamic Profile
  • Channel Cutter
  • Cluster
  • Cloud Manager
  • Cutter Studio
  • Ring By Text
  • Halo Studio
  • Pave UV
  • Prong Editor
  • Prong Studio
  • Prong Object
Bugs and other fixes
  • Platinum 18k weight updated.
  • Cathedral ring more precise numeric inputs steps
  • 3dm files - RhinoGold association
Help updates
  • Dynamic pattern
  • Import patterns
  • Veni
Elements libraries updated
  • Cathedral Bezel
  • Cathedral Cluster
  • Cathedral Head
  • Cathedral Plain
  • Cathedral Basket
  • Split Shank Cluster
  • Split Shank Head
  • Split Shank Plain
RhinoGold 6.5.17209.3 (July 28, 2017)
- Materials: Add 3 material platinum
  • 0.585 millesimes (17.27) modify actual platinum
  • 0.900 millesimes platinum iridium (20.8)
  • 0.950 millesimes platinum cobalt (21.56)
- Export SVG: Now it export hatches
- Adapt to ring size: Auto ring size
  • If there are more than one ring on the doc, look for the closest ring to the object to adapt.
  • If there are no rings in the doc use the last size used.
- Veni: Help Generated
- Tech Report: Override dimension style sizes after close the command. Fixed
- Dynamic Pattern
  • Help Generated
  • Import .pat files help generated
- Elements
- Pendant By Text: Object not working. Fixed
- Gems By Curve
  • X size and Y size are set independently in non symmetric gems.
  • Rotating the gem now respect the real distance between gems.
  • Setting distributed horizontal justify set the distance between gems (info field).
  • Included in Shank Control.
  • Interpolate now respect the real distance between gems.
  • Interpolate now rotate 180º instead 90º.
  • Orient by meshes implemented.
- Localization: New Japanese localization
- Bail: New features and bug fix
  • Editing with a different orientation the length/width gumballs are not correctly displayed. Fixed
  • Added Plane selection option (Top,Front, Side)
  • Added a gumball to move the object in current plane
  • Added the torus automatically at center bottom profile point
- Undo/Redo functionality: added in the following commands
  • Shank
  • Advanced Split Shank
  • Patterned Ring
  • Ring by Curve
  • Ring by Text
  • Dynamic Profile
  • Dynamic Polar Array
  • Channel Cutter (added compute automatically feature, deleted compute button)
  • Halo
  • Basket
- Basket
  • It generates a unique brep with multiple shells.
  • Removed preview curves
- Patterned Ring: It generates a unique brep with multiple shells.
- Cutters In Line
  • Auto sort gems implemented
  • Now keeps the curve rotation independent of gem rotation
  • Deleted Rotate 90º button
- Ok,Cancel,Help: Buttons always visible in the commands.
Bug Fixes
- Halo: Generate a duplicated gem. Fixed
  • Sometimes geometry doesn’t appears.
  • Sometimes is unable to edit.
  • Editing it runs Prong Editor instead Halo.
- Cluster: Generate a duplicated gem. Fixed
- Render Studio
  • Only is shown the option "Delete" if no environment is selected, swap it should be "Add" instead.
  • Calling the command from the side panel -> Right click -> Render Studio (Instead call the command) doesn't load the environments.
- Basket: Moving a gem assigned to a basket , (without the basket) create duplicate of the Basket (Fixed).
- TechReport: Export PNG
  • The export icon "PNG / JPG" although it saves, it cuts the tech report on the top.
  • The axes icons are drawn in the report, disable it.
- RG Template: Shows the world axis icons. Removed
- Ring By Object
  • Using it with extrusions, it adds an other flat extrusion instead a bent geometry.
  • Coplanar faces are not deleted. (using with 360º).
  • A weld should be done in coincident edges.
  • Added “Delete original” option switch.
- Texture3D: Not working with some curved geometries. Fixed
- Hollow Ring: Some models generate auto intersections. Fixed
- Dynamic Taper: Not working with non centered objects. Fixed
- Shank
  • Enable prongs without gems now enables the gems.
  • Moving a shank, and trying to edit, it places the ring and the gems and prongs spread on the viewport.
- Editing RhinoGold objects: Change the object layer. Fixed in all RhinoGold objects.
- Dynamic Tiling
  • Work with single surfaces (not only Polysurfaces and meshes).
  • Speed up previews (using high poly meshes).
  • Load preselection and compute (on load command).
  • On close compute full geometry keeping the progress, if canceled, it close, otherwise add the geometry and close.
- Ring By Objects: The command works fine until validation, then the object is alway less that in the preview. Fixed
- Azure Rhino Toolbar: Now call _azureCutters instead _azure.
- Elements in Windows 7: Doesn’t work. Fixed
- White Scheme: Not working fine with following commands.
  • Eternity Metal and Gem wights
  • All topics
  • Dynamic Bend (all, except All Axis)
  • Dynamic Profile (start cap & start end only)
  • Planes & Cubes (X, Y, Z and Flip)
  • Gem Creator Editor (pretty much all)
  • Gems Map
  • STL Wizard
- Channel Cutter
  • Using with 2 gems geometry is twisted. Fixed
  • Allowed negative distance for start/end and sides.
  • Gem auto sorting implemented.
- Scale By Center: Objetcs visualization looks cut. Fixed
- Zoo: Not working. Fixed
- Clipping Planes
  • Added “Add clipping plane” button.
  • Added “Enable” button.
  • Added Disable button.
- Crash Fix
  • Advanced Ring Curve, Azure Cutters, Patterned Ring, Millgrain, User Account Screen, Pavé, Rope, Cutters In Line, Bezel, Veni, Dynamic Pattern, Shank gem cutters, Cluster, Gem Template Editor, Cutter Studio, Gem Creator, Halo, Tex on Curve, Cloud, Gems Map, Head, Gems By Curve
RhinoGold (June 07, 2017)
  • Dynamic Pattern: The ideal tool to decorate your design by creating 3D patterns from an extensive 2D library. Easily apply on a surface your preferred pattern and customize it to build a pipe, rope or milgrain. Give your model an Eastern touch!
  • Azure Cutter: The lifesaver! Get the Professional looking finish to your piece, creating the azure cut out on the back of your jewelry! Benefit from the Cutting Azures tool!
  • Veni: This new tool allow you to create advanced ropes along a curve. Explore new ways to create astonishing ornaments and reinvent your creations.
  • Dynamic Tiling: Thanks to an extensive library and the possibility to add your personal motifs, build your one-of-a-kind model. From modern to vintage, contemporaneous or classic, this improved tool is ideal for under-galleries and advanced texturing.
  • New Service Release of Clayoo 2.5: The next generation of organic modeling tools for creative 3D designers has been improved. With Clayoo, you can design using SubD, Emboss, and the intuitive Sculpt method that’s like carving and shaping clay.
Time-Saving - Improved Features
  • Organize: This improved tool helps optimizing position and orientation of your models for 3D printing by incorporating advanced algorithms for nesting. Prepare your production in seconds.
  • More Options: New parameters added on Eternity builder, Cutters in Line, Cutter Studio libraries, STL Export, New 3D textures and New 3D motifs. Check the new functionalities on each one of them.
  • New Elements Look: Redesigned interface to save time and money by quickly searching and selecting jewelry components by defining finger size, gem color and metal alloy.
  • New Clayoo Library: In addition to the jewelry components already in Elements, find 100+ freeform objects, ready to be personalized in Clayoo 2.5.
  • Minor Bug Fixing: Improving stability.
RhinoGold (January 18, 2017)
Gems By Curve: Used to crash moving the Gumball while the curve is not currently on doc.
  • Improve functionality: Allow edition selecting gems or curve and executing edit command.
  • Interpolate button is not visible. Fixed
  • Adding an edited object the gems are not grouped. Fixed
  • Editing a object oriented by surface, the surface is lost. Fixed
  • Crash selecting orient surfaces. Fixed
Pave from Gems: It's asking for a Surface that is not possible to pick. Fixed
Pave Automatic:
  • Pave Editing crash. Fixed
  • Disable Prongs keep them enabled. Fixed
  • In Edition, It's only possible to move gems when another is added. Fixed; Edition can move gems directly.
  • New prongs are displayed overlay, (Visual effect to get it far) changed to postDraw (real position).
Dynamic Profile:
  • Crash getting a plane from a using curve. Protected.
  • It breaks undo stack. Fixed
  • Crash computing the channel. Fixed
  • Crash selecting an element fusion (local element) with a Baguette selected. Fixed
  • Crash Changing profile crashes. Fixed
Bend For Rings: Crash computing Rhino object (adding to doc). Fixed
Mold Shrinkage: Crash previewing. Fixed.
Dynamic Taper: Crash computing. Fixed
Scale By Weight: Not displaying values. Fixed
RhinoGold Options: Add an option to enable/disable zoo in Options -> RhinoGold -> License
Bezel Studio:
  • Selecting a gem from selector (not pre-selection) gumballs are not enabled. Fixed
  • Some element cutters are not working applying it on 1.25 gems. Fixed
  • Some bezels are not generated depending of the position of it's gems Fixed
  • With parameter apply to all set to off, al numerics excepts the top one applies the changes to all gumballs, same issue with gumball switches and cutters. Fixed
  • Some preview orientation are reversed. Fixed
  • Non proportional values modifying more than 1 bezel, in creation or edition by numeric inputs all values must be absolute, in creation or edition by Gumballs all values must be incremental, in creation from elements must be proportional, if the stone is modified later (scaled) values will inc/decrease proportionally.
Scale Ring: Diameter doesn't work it's getting sizes from size number. Fixed
Prongs In Line: Closed curves should have shared prongs in seam. Fixed
Animation Studio: Target curve not working rendering animation (Only the preview works). Fixed
Advanced Ring Curve: No vertical scroll. Added
Resize Ring: In batch mode it generates the same size for all rings. Fixed
Tech Report:
  • First report is always shown in wireframe mode. Fixed
  • Finger Size and total metal weight from manual to Auto (Only if there is one ring in the document)
  • Rendering after a tech report shows the Gems Map and legend. Fixed
  • If black ui (Skin) is set, plot color is white so generated pdf doesn't show dimensions, curves, etc. Fixed
  • Frames can be dragged by error. Locked
  • Add a direct Save to PDF and JPG buttons
  • Add Close buttons
  • If user draws in main page (dimensions) length is not right. Fixed
  • Only render dimensions and other objects in the viewport which are created (Tech views)
Web 3D: Objects not centered are bigger and smaller during rotation
Split Shank Advanced: Move gems direction was reversed.
Split Shank & Cathedral:
  • Ring with a straight curves as tension ring, places branches onto the finger place. Fixed
  • If one is opened and the other command is clicked it happens nothing.
  • Added Undo Redo.
  • Added optional gem usage.
  • Crash loading preset, Protected.
  • Added Adaptation Angle feature.
  • Modified angle steps from 5 to 1.
  • Comfort to manual setting.
  • Adding comfort modify the total profiles height, it should subtract the profile's height and keep the total height. Fixed
Localization: Spanish, Bezel from "Engaste" to "Bisel" replaced 10 strings.
Dynamic Bend: Added an option to activate all-axis Gumballs.
Gem Template Editor: Select base curve button ask for vertex instead curve.
Geometry Selector:
  • Restore the grid if it's not present (Affect to Bezel, Head and any command that its input is a stone)
  • Added "Add new curve" in top right corner.
Material Editor (Panel): Changing only value (keeping % or gr/mm³) doesn't apply it. Fixed
Ring By Curve: Major modification Added Shell angle and adaptation angle. (old models 3dm, presets or elements will be initialized with no shell keeping the same shape)
  • Generate one object whenever is possible, otherwise it generates the minimum number objects that could be generated.
  • Sometimes a pattern space is empty. Fixed (Tested in Elements Fusion)
  • Some patterns had auto intersecting geometry. Fixed
Patterned Ring Saving preset: Checking names in basket folder instead Patterned preset folder. Fixed
Engagement presets: Extended supporting new Ring By Curve, Baskets, Halos and Clusters.
Open Command confirmation:
  • Sometimes opening a new command doesn't show confirmation box. Fixed
  • Bigger buttons, checkbox now is farther from buttons in order to avoid click buttons by error.
  • Confirmation dialog UI clicking X, return No instead Cancel. Fixed
Text On Curve: Selecting a curve placed in YZ plane (right view) letters are rotated progressively. Fixed
Channel Studio:
  • Changing gems num distance field should be updated, and changing distance field gems number should be updated. Fixed
  • Editing a channel gems number are changed and gem size is set to 2mm (default). Fixed
Channel Cutter: Initial distance icon replaces by Shank initial distance icon. Done
RhinoGold Start: Change links (Tutorials, Learning and others)
Mirroring and coping gems: Keeps a bad plane and applying some object (bezel, head...) doesn't work properly. Fixed
Text On Curve: Selecting a curve placed in YZ plane (right view) letters are rotated progressively. Fixed
Prong Editor:
  • Selections is getting the prong closest the surface intersection instead prong intersection. Fixed
  • When moving its' getting directly the surface position instead make it incremental. Fixed
Curve Libraries: It is mandatory to add a curve to library from plane XY, now any curve can be added to any library from any plane (XY) and it's remapped to it's plane (All libraries)
Second Ring Curve: Crash, (if curve has only one axis, Line) Protected.
Cutters In Line: Crash Setting Width Gumball. Fixed
  • Uses same RhinoGold Login; Lab licenses are able to use Elements
  • New Elements added, new categories
RhinoGold (October 04, 2016)
  • Shank - Edition: New way to generate the shank
  • Render Studio button: Now it's the first button of the rendering tab
  • Localization: Added new strings for all languages
  • Tech Report - Improvements: Tech Report doesn't makes Render crash anymore
  • Dynamic Profile - Round cap: Round cap default value changed
  • SymmetryOpposite - create Icon: New icon to call the command
  • Cutters in Line Boolean Preview: Preview of the boolean operation in cutters in line tool
  • Split Shank: When editing a split shank, it goes to advanced tabs automatically
  • Stuller CAD CAM Services: Improved login process
  • Rui Check: Translated RUI to other languages
  • Shank command: Changed Shank workflow and geometry generation
  • _About - on Rhino UI: Added
  • Shrinkage command: Allow to select multiple objects / Delete materials / Allow to user to set a shrinkage percentage
  • RG UI Control Buttons: Improved UI in all the controls, (button are always visible)
  • Screen Recorder to command: Now you can use the screen recorder within Rhino
  • Pave Automatic Edition: Now it's possible to select any gem and use Edit command to edit the pave
  • Gems By Curve Edition: Now it's possible to select any gem and use Edit command to edit the gems by curve object
Bug reported: tools that have been reported with a specific bug and it has been fixed
  • All commands - Repeat command/Execute another command: If a command is executed while another one is not finished, ask the user to end the command.
  • Bezel Studio: Fixed bug applying second time an element to a gem
  • Dynamic Layout - 8 views: The tool had a bug and wasn't working
  • Elements - Loading Material: When loading an element, if you have more objects in the scene, some of the objects change their material.
  • Auto Cut - Kept Inside: The command didn't work as expected because a parameter problem
  • Cluster Elements in local: Improved load of the elements
  • Head Studio: Prong radius numerics were not working
  • Head Studio - Gumball Profiles: When the Head studio is executed without preselecting the gem and changing to the advanced tab, the gumballs on the profiles are not being displayed.
  • Head studio edition: Editing a head didn't load the gem
  • Scale ring - French help: Invalid Url
  • 3D Printing - command not assigned: Fixed Ribbon UI
  • Patterned Ring: Boolean union problem. Now grouped
  • Weight material: The weight in some models are not computed correctly
  • RingWizard - Comfort Height: On the Ring Wizard, the height measurement is not refreshing properly when you use the solid/comfort/scooped tab
  • RG options updated: Parameters saved when the user changes them
  • Bail: The interior measurement doesn't change when you select the numeric input
  • Channel cutter - end & start distances: Added end and start length for the cutter
  • Channel cutter - add cutter to document: Option to add the cutter to the document
  • Prong Studio: Crash getting parameters from UI (Computing)
  • Ring by text - edit: Editing a ring by text dissapears
  • Basket Distance to girdle: Bug fixed in basket geometry generation, now you can move the basket without problems
  • Basket - browser: There was multiple objects in the browser for a single basket or patterned ring, bug fixed
  • Basket Previews: Improved basket preview
  • Prong editor - help: Not linked, fixed.
  • Bezel Studio: Bug with Gumball, Fixed. Bug with Princess cut, Fixed. Visualization bug (Planar surfaces look wired) Fixed
  • Metal Prices - icon: Changed Icon
  • Patterned Ring: The tool generates a foreign body
  • Browser Names: Localized objects name for Cluster, Halo, Bail, Shank, RingByText and PendantByText
  • Missing Browser Objects: Icons missing in the objects browser fixed
  • Celtic Knots: The Celtic Knots tool generated open surfaces.
  • Save as Template - RG UI: Save as Template didn't open the right path
  • Support tools - Clipping plane: Support tools visualization problem fixed
  • Cutters in line - Along gems: Fixed problem creating
  • Dynamic Profile: Crash duplicating profile (adjusting new Gumball)
  • Shank - prongs: Changed the way the prongs are generated into the shank tool
  • Bezel local elements: Loading a bezel from local elements to an existent gem it works fine at the first selection but on the second one it change the gem size and when canceling it deletes the original gem
  • Advanced Ring Curve: Cylinder bad orientation on edition
  • Cutters in Line - Didn’t add cutters to document: Changed workflow of the command
  • Cutters in Line - changing tabs: Changing the tab and going back again, it ignores the previous changes.
  • Ring Wizard: When using 2 different profiles in the ring wizard, the scooped mode applies to all the profiles, even there is just one selected
  • Shank - Adding result on default layer: Now the shank is added to the active layer.
  • Shank - Angle: Angle slider allowed angle -1
  • Patterned Ring - Default tab: Opening the tool it goes to the advanced settings tab instead of the Elements tab
  • Patterned Ring - Rails: Default parameters were wrong
  • Pattern Ring: Geometry generation problem fixed
  • Cluster objects load: Loading a cluster recomputes the geometry. It should not
  • Ring Size fail in Signet ring and Ring by curve: Parameters when editing were not correct
  • Cutter Studio - Strange behavior: Workflow bugs fixed, Crashes fixed
  • Cutters in Line - Edition: Forgets profiles applyed on the cutters
  • Head Studio - Applying elements bug: Applying element, is missing a couple of stones.
  • Bezel bug with different gems: Not displaying bezel correctly when changing gem shape
  • Halo rotation gems point: Halo rotation gems point is not placed correctly. Must be set in the centre of a gem. Also is not calculating the gems position correctly.
  • Focus Viewport: When clicking a tool and then on the viewport, the first click change the focus to the viewport, and the second one starts the command
  • RingByText from Elements: A text ring created by elements is not editable by the command.
  • Dynamic Array: Changing the horizontal alignment (right center, left justified) changes the vertical alignment to top
  • GemsByCurve Edition: Selecting gems and calling _Edit, it should open GemsByCurve command in edit mode
  • Pave Edition preview: Pave edit doesn't show the image on edit
  • Undo: Undo not working in some cases
  • Crash rendering: Crash rendering with Tech report open
  • Channel Cutter: Workflow modified
  • Cluster UI - Ring diameter: Ring diameter parameter for the main ring is not displayed correctly after moving the rail with the gumball
  • Channel Studio: Crash adding planes to parameters
  • Ring By Object: Crash selecting geometry
  • Signet Ring: Editing elements not working
  • Place Image 1:1: Scale was 10:1
  • Raster2Vector: Scale was 10:1
  • 3D Printer Supports: Typing a number has no effect (still getting mouse position)
  • Basket: Info message when geometry is not valid
  • Basket: Not able to edit
  • Cathedral Ring: Confort is making the non circular ring
  • Opening command: Opening a command while an other is open, shows a dialog which remember decision
  • SetFrame4K: Removed command
  • Bezel Studio: With a stone selected the second time that you apply a element local the gem is set to brilliant
  • Split Shank: Adding confort the ring turn no circular
  • Reset User Folder: Now messages now can reset user folder directly
  • Cutter Studio: Doesn't apply presets without a gem.
  • Ring ByText: Editing a ring created with an old version doesn't show the ring
  • Patterned Ring: Presets are not applyied when double clicked
  • Ring Wizard: Setting back from any comfort size to solid modifies the ring size
  • Halo: Creating a element halo with a stone selected after the halo is opened crashes
  • Cluster: Computing a cluster with a cabochon as Input crashes
  • Gems By Curve: Justify+Match Ends didn't work.
  • Gems By Curve - Justify option: Invalid gems generation bug
RhinoGold (July 25, 2016)
  • Supports after cancel
  • Gem Creator flip curve
  • Multiple Pipe
  • Revert changes in PaveUV command
  • Command Custom Region doesn't save the new regions
  • Ring By objects - reverse option
  • Pave Automatic - Add Prongs
  • Impossible to render Heads
  • Gems Map - texto y color (review)
  • Camera appears with Elements Finding
  • Gems by 2 curves bug
  • Unlink RG objects
  • Halo Gems
  • Gems by Curve
  • Animation studio custom resolution
  • Rope Fail importing ropes adds a line into the scene
  • RhinoGold 4 Heads
  • Check Stuller Cad Cam command
  • Cutter Studio Auto intersection in medium brep
  • Pear Gem custom
  • Gems by Curve
  • rope on spiral
  • Texture 3D - visulization problem
  • Scale Ring
  • Elements Render
  • Head Studio - Prong rotation inverted
  • Bezel studio - cushion gem cut
  • Rope
  • HeadStudio rotate rails bug
  • Scale Ring
  • Halo on heart gem cut (DUPLICATED)
  • Gauge
  • Head Studio
  • Emmerald GemCut Name
  • Animation Studio
  • Channel Studio
  • Place Image 1:1 wrong scaling factor
  • Gems by Curve: Justify option
  • Rui Check
  • Cutters: Square Profile
  • Prong editor - help
  • Gems by 2 curves - Plane Problem
  • Celtic Knots
  • Shank side panel
  • Shank, profile curves
  • Advanced ring curve
  • Elements in V5
  • Elements Skin title is set to 5.5
  • Edit Ring
  • HeadStudioGumballs
RhinoGold / (May 13, 2016)
Common Minor Updates
  • Profile Selector
  • Gem Creator
  • Animation Studio issue moving Preview Slider
  • Shank Crash calculating prongs
  • AutoCut Bug: If curve is far didn't work
  • Elements checking categories taking too long
  • Animation Studio Crash creating video
  • Pave Automatic, Crash Checking Gem Orientation
  • Ring By Curve
  • Dynamic Twist Crash, calling command 2 times without geometry
  • Dynamic Twist Bug, open command with geometry, cancel command and select an axis keep the GumBalls on viewport
  • Dynamic Taper Bug (calling command 2 times without geometry)
  • Dynamic Taper Bug, open command with geometry, cancel command and select an axis keep the GumBalls on viewport
  • Supports (Create Base support crash)
  • PendantByText memory issue when creating text
  • Ring Wizard issue when creating ring with some profiles
RhinoGold 6.0 Minor Updates
  • Ring Wizard Bug, profile height was not working smoothy
  • Cutters In Line Crash on opening with gems selected
  • Shadow Band crash Creating Band
  • Prong Studio Crash
  • Cathedral Ring Bug, Editing a ring don't show the ring
  • Split Shank Bug, Editing a ring don't show the ring
  • Cluster After resize gem editing rail diameter / height / width don't work
  • Channel Bug, Gem size was modified changing the channel width
  • Building a Halo parameterless
  • Select Pattern Crash
  • Added Formlabs Form1+, Form2 printers
  • Basket Crash on end selecting pattern
RhinoGold 5.7 and RhinoGold 6.0 Minor Updates
  • Eternity Ring Crash when validating
  • Halo crash getting UI parameters
  • Head Studio, crash saving undo step
  • Advanced Ring Curve, crash using 2D Panel
  • Animation Studio, crash saving or restoring parameters
RhinoGold (July 31, 2015)
  • Works faster updating and downloading
  • New Elements, over 1750 parametrical elements
Halo: UI improved, now more handy
Cluster: Kernel improvements
SVG exporter now uses mm as default unit
Gems Map bug adding map to the document
  • New User Interface
  • Now supports Multiple files support
User Folder Manager: New Curves available for Head Studio, Bezel Studio, ...
  • French localization improved
  • Czech localization improved
Multiple Pipe: French strings changed, radius to diameter
RG Interface: Mesh Offset and Solid Pt included
Ring By Text: Default parameters tweak
Other minor bugs fixed
RhinoGold (March 27, 2013)
  • Gauge: Now Browser shows ring size and region.
  • Ring By Objects: New option to Reverse.
  • Texure 3D: It proposes which borders has to fix when a geometry is selected
  • Texure 3D: Select Faces Without Explode
  • Dynamic Boolean: First Group is hidden whe selecting second group.
  • Scale by Dimension: Add switch to keep Proportions. Pressing Shift keep proportions too.
  • Pave UV: Shows the distance between gems
Bugs Fixed:
  • Ring by Object: Gumballs fixed, Flip, flow by all circle ok.
  • Dynamic Boolean: Click on OK without preview doesn't crash.
  • Texure3D: Crash when click is repeated fixed during compute (therad) Fixed
  • Texure3D: Naked Edges Fixed and surface
  • Texure3D: U0&V1 was switched in Kernel,Fixed
  • Gem Studio: Crash value > maximium
  • Texture Creator: Check invalid characters before save
  • Bezel Studio: If source curves was aren't valid it crashes. Fixed
  • Hollow Ring: When generated curves was null it crashed. Fixed
  • Animation Studio: FreeHand frames doens't correspont with SlideBar, Fixed Crash multiples click in previews, Changed stop Freehand Ctrl to F11. Fixed.
  • Dynamic Cap: Crash Fixed when fillet curves was null
  • Ring Wizards: Save and restore last used ring size.
  • Filled Srf Icon: executed the "Fillet" command it shoud be "FilletSrf". Fixed
  • Move by Normal: Sometimes crash on click OK and also it didn't apply the tranforms. Fixed
  • Ring Wizard: Copy (Ctrl+C Ctrl+V) or Drag+Alt doesn't crash anymore.
  • Ring Wizard - Profile Selector: Sometimes crashes when selecting (check if null). Fixed
  • Ring Wizard - Profile Selector: Lenght was incorrect Fixed
  • Move In/Out: Crashes if objects was deleted. Fixed
  • Geometry Selector: Preselect Any Geometry with exclusion list doesn't work. Bug fixed.
  • Geometry Selector: Preselect Custom Gems working
  • Supports 3D Printer: Mesh Boolean Problem. Fixed
  • Head Studio: Check if rails shapes are undefined.
  • Gem Creator: Creation Size is not the correct in some cases. Fixed
  • Gem Creator: Working with Bezels (Move & Edit Working too).
  • Gem by 2 Curves: Crash if dialog is closed while command still computing. Fixed
  • Gem by 2 Curves: Crash if the distance is modified while computing. Fixed
  • Bezel Studio: Sometimes generate reverse orinentation solid with inwards orientation. Fixed
  • Cutter Studio: Crash in some cases. Fixed
  • Gem Template Creator: Label Crown text was incorrect. Fixed
  • Report: Gem weight even more precise.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.
RhinoGold (February 25, 2013)
  • All commands - Press Enter Key to Change current value
  • Pave Automatic - Select SubObjects (without extract or explode)
  • Pave Automatic - Significant improvements in speed
  • Pave Automatic - Circle of Gap to control the distances
  • Pave Automatic - Max min sizes label wasn't show all text
  • Prong editor - Allow to modify all radius together
  • Head Studio - Allow to modify all radius together
  • Dynamic Cap - Algorithm improved
  • RhinoGold Render Studio - Preset integrated in RhinoGold Interface
  • Keyshot Render - Integrated in RhinoGold Interface
  • RandomControl Live - Integrated in RhinoGold Interface
Bugs Fixed:
  • Pave Automatic - Some Rhino crashes Fixed
  • Select Geometry - No tripods in preview
  • Select Geometry - it doesn't hide or lock any object
  • All commands - Objects are added to Active Layer
  • Ring Wizard - Shaded Mode shows in shaded. Fixed
  • Ring Wizard - Edition bug fixed
  • Dynamic Profile - Rotate Gumball Fixed
  • Multiple Pipe - Open Curves Fixed
  • Rhinoceros toolbar - Prong editor Unknow command fixed
  • Cutter Studio - Minor Bugs Fixed
  • Gems by 2 Curves - Minor Bugs Fixed
  • Head Studio - Minor Bugs Fixed
  • Raster to Vector - Minor Bugs Fixed
  • Pearl Studio - Place on point (cancel selection) crash fixed
  • Hollow Ring - New Selection Button
  • Zoo - Bugs Fixed
  • Engraving Tools: Color and linetypes in non-english