New RhinoGold® 6
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맞춤 쥬얼리를 만들기 위한 최고 최상급 도구가 Elements( 엘레먼트)의 용이함이 더해져 RhinoGold(라이노골드) 6을 보석 전문가를 위한 ’정도’로 만들었습니다.

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Create high-quality sculpted, embossed and brushed models

Ideal for several applications such as product design, sculpting, woodwork, marine, consumer goods, automotive and jewelry. The only Rhinoceros plugin with three different freeform technologies: SubD, Emboss and Sculpting. Create organic designs however complex, in this easy-to-use tool, Nurbs Compatible!

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The most advanced CAD for Jewelry and Organic modeling + Key tools for fabrication TDM Solutions is an internationally recognized software company with solutions for a variety of industries: together with the acclaimed RhinoGold and Clayoo, RhinoNest for the optimization and orientation of objects to save material. The right step before manufacturing.

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Learn RhinoGold and Clayoo and start designing today. Choose a method and get the most out of it. Free Essentials, Premium Subscription, Training Courses, Forum, FAQ and Consultancy. All you need to learn 3D!

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