RhinoGold 6 New Service Release:

RhinoGold® 6
New Service Release
When you want to build jewelry from parts and pieces with the option to also create from scratch, RhinoGold software with its streamlined workflow and library of thousands of adjustable jewelry elements is just for you.

Cover your Designing, Marketing and Manufacturing inside RhinoGold! 
Combining today's most advanced CAD + the new Learning Platform + RG Cloud for marketing purposes with Stuller CAD/CAM Services as your manufacturing partner, make RhinoGold the 'right way to go'.

How to Upgrade:
Direclty from RhinoGold. Open it up and click on the Notification
Sign In on your TDM Solutions Account and from the Dashboard > Software Installer

List of Improves:
If you need more info in detail, please, contact us to info@tdmsolutions.com or support@tdmsolutions.com

Improves Action
Shank: Edition New way to generate the shank
Render Studio button Now it's the first button of the rendering tab.
Localization Added new strings for all languages
Tech Report - Improvements Tech Report doesn't makes Render crash anymore

Dynamic Profile: Round cap

Round cap default value changed
SymmetryOpposite - create Icon New icon to call the command
Cutters in Line Boolean Preview Preview of the boolean operation in cutters in line tool
Split Shank When editing a split shank, it goes to advanced tabs automatically
Stuller CAD CAM Services Improved login process
Rui Check Translated RUI to other languages
Shank command Changed Shank workflow and geometry generation
_About - on Rhino UI Added
Shrinkage command -Allow to select multiple objects -Delete materials. -Allow to user to set a shrinkage percentage
RG UI Control Buttons Improved UI in all the controls, (button are always visible)
Screen Recorder to command Now you can use the screen recorder within Rhino
Pave Automatic Edition Now it's possible to select any gem and use Edit command to edit the pave
Gems By Curve Edition Now it's possible to select any gem and use Edit command to edit the gems by curve object
Bug reported: tools that have been reported with a specific bug and it has been fixed
All commands: Repeat command/Execute another command If a command is executed while another one is not finished, ask the user to end the command.
Bezel Studio: Elements Local Fixed bug applying second time an element to a gem
Dynamic Layout: 8 views The tool had a bug and wasn't working
Dynamic Layout: scale 1:1 The scale 1:1 was not real
Elements: Loading Material When loading an element, if you have more objects in the scene, some of the objects change their material.
Auto Cut: Kept Inside The command didn't work as expected because a parameter problem
Cluster Elements in local Improved load of the elements
Head Studio Prong radius numerics were not working
Head Studio: Gumball Profiles When the Head studio is executed without preselecting the gem and changing to the advanced tab, the gumballs on the profiles are not being displayed.
Head studio edition Editing a head didn't load the gem
Scale ring: French help Invalid Url
3D Printing: command not assigned Fixed Ribbon UI
Patterned Ring boolean union problem. Now grouped
Weight material The weight in some models are not computed correctly
RingWizard: Comfort Height On the Ring Wizard, the height measurement is not refreshing properly when you use the solid/comfort/scooped tab
RG options updated Parameters saved when the user changes them
Bail The interior measurement doesn't change when you select the numeric input
channel cutter - end & start distances Added end and start length for the cutter
Channel cutter - add cutter to document Option to add the cutter to the document
Prong Studio Crash getting parameters from UI (Computing)
ring by text - edit Editing a ring by text dissapears
Basket Distance to girdle bug fixed in basket geometry generation, now you can move the basket without problems.
Basket - browser There was multiple objects in the browser for a single basket or patterned ring, bug fixed.
Basket Previews Improved basket preview
Prong editor - help Not linked, fixed.
Bezel Studio Bug with Gumball, Fixed. Bug with Princess cut, Fixed. Visualization bug (Planar surfaces look wired) Fixed.
Metal Prices - icono Changed Icon
Patterned Ring The tool generates a foreign body
Browser Names Localized objects name for Cluster, Halo, Bail, Shank, RingByText and PendantByText
Missing Browser Objects Icons missing in the objects browser fixed
Celtic Knots The Celtic Knots tool generated open surfaces.
Save as Template - RG UI Save as Template didn't open the right path
supports tool - clipping plane Support tools visualization problem fixed
cutters in line - along gems Fixed problem creating
Dynamic Profile Crash duplicating profile (adjusting new Gumball)
Shank - prongs Changed the way the prongs are generated into the shank tool
bezel local elements loading a bezel from local elements to an existent gem it works fine at the first selection but on the second one it change the gem size and when canceling it deletes the original gem
advanced ring curve Cylinder bad orientation on edition
cutters in line - didn’t add cutters to document Changed workflow of the command
cutters in line - changing tabs changing the tab and going back again, it ignores the previous changes.
Ring wizard When using 2 different profiles in the ring wizard, the scooped mode applies to all the profiles, even there is just one selected.
Shank - Adding result on default layer Now the shank is added to the active layer.
Shank - angle Angle slider allowed angle -1
Patterned ring - default tab Opening the tool it goes to the advanced settings tab instead of the Elements tab
Patterned ring - rails Default parameters were wrong
Pattern ring Geometry generation problem fixed
Cluster objects load Loading a cluster recomputes the geometry. It should not.
Ring Size fail in Signet ring and Ring by curve Parameters when editing were not correct
Cutter studio - strange behavior Workflow bugs fixed, Crashes fixed
cutters in line - edition forgets profiles applyed on the cutters
heads studio, applying elements bug Applying element, is missing a couple of stones.
Bezel bug with different gems Not displaying bezel correctly when changing gem shape.
Halo rotation gems point Halo rotation gems point is not placed correctly. Must be set in the centre of a gem.
Also is not calculating the gems position correctly.
Focus viewport When clicking a tool and then on the viewport, the first click change the focus to the viewport, and the second one starts the command
RingByText from Elements A text ring created by elements is not editable by the command.
Dynamic Array Changing the horizontal alignment (right center, left justified) changes the vertical alignment to top
GemsByCurve Edition Selecting gems and calling _Edit, it should open GemsByCurve command in edit mode
Pave Edition preview Pave edit doesn't show the image on edit
Undo Undo not working in some cases
Crash rendering Crash rendering with Tech report open
Channel cutter Workflow modified
Cluster UI - ring diameter Ring diameter parameter for the main ring is not displayed correctly after moving the rail with the gumball
Channel Studio Crash adding planes to parameters
Ring By Object crash selecting geometry
Signet Ring Editing elements not working
Place Image 1:1 Scale was 10:1
Raster2Vector Scale was 10:1
3D Printer supports Typing a number has no effect (still getting mouse position)
Basket Info message when geometry is not valid
Basket Not able to edit
Cathedral Ring Confort is making the non circular ring
Opening command Opening a command while an other is open, shows a dialog which remember decision
SetFrame4K Removed command
Bezel Studio With a stone selected the second time that you apply a element local the gem is set to brilliant
Split Shank Adding confort the ring turn no circular
Reset User Folder Now messages now can reset user folder directly
Cutter Studio Doesn't apply presets without a gem.
Ring ByText Editing a ring created with an old version doesn't show the ring.
Patterned Ring Presets are not applyied when double clicked
Ring Wizard Setting back from any comfort size to solid modifies the ring size.
Halo Creating a element halo with a stone selected after the halo is opened crashes
Cluster Computing a cluster with a cabochon as Input crashes
Gems By Curve Justify+Match Ends didn't work.
Gems by curve: Justify option Invalid gems generation bug